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Postby koimaster » January 6th 2019, 1:35am

I do not know for sure how to start or even write what I have on my mind regarding the one particular watch.

Well, two watches, to be exact, but my first intention was to buy watch for my brother in law, who is long time pilot, for his birthday.

So, I didn’t want to buy just any pilot style watch, like most of people will do. Nope, I want something different and because his connections to US Air Companies I thought it will be nice to purchase a watch from US Texas based company Tockr and was not sure which one from these two models in C-47 series; Radial or Radial Wing, And there where my confuse started. I always do my research regarding buying watches, because myself is some kind of collector and watch enthusiast with limited knowledge and I like to learn,


Not sure what to make about this above. Interesting if true. Ibrahim Okten.
Is someone who it has been said stole cases and other parts of the above brand and others as well to make and then sell counterfeits. Hautman is another brand he has ties to. ... 00445.html


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Re: The Truth About The Tockr Brand

Postby biglove » January 6th 2019, 12:04pm

I won't get the 15" of my life back used trying to sort that out.

Reads like a badly written porn plotline. Everyone seems surprised when they get fucked by the guy who was walking around with his dick in his hand. Like what else could have happened.

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