Laco RAD-AUX Limited Edition

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Laco RAD-AUX Limited Edition

Postby koimaster » December 6th 2018, 9:28am

Ariel Adams here. I promised myself that if I ever had a financial stake in a product mentioned on aBlogtoWatch, we would make that fact immediately clear. Below you’ll read about the first product to be debuted of which I am the creative director. It’s a fun fantasy object built on a real tool watch relevant to pop culture that inspires me. It’s a form of horological collectible and I’m really pleased with the result. To tell you more about the story, the visual designer of the Laco RAD-AUX watch and aBlogtoWatch Art Director Matt Smith-Johnson talk you through the story and the product development below. This item might be a toy with a luxury price, but I assure you that a huge emphasis on detail and original design marked the time spent completing this project.

This is also the first of what might be a series of products I work on as creative director. I’ve spent a decade being a critic and I’ve warmed up to the idea of getting into the product design captain’s chair for a change. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it? I’m not going to pretend as though everyone is destined to love what I come up with. I’m not going to take any commentary people have about products I help create personally. Though I will correct anyone I notice misinterpreting my intentions. If you buy the Laco RAD-AUX watch, aBlogtoWatch will make some money. So will other people involved in the project. We don’t work on margins that are unreasonable and we only seek to deliver authentic watch enthusiast gear. Now that I’ve said that, I hand your attention over to Matt to introduce you to the Laco RAD-AUX limited edition watch inspired by the Fallout computer game universe.

A great story makes a great watch, but can that story be a work of fiction? Based on the Laco Auxiliary Observer, or “RAD-AUX” Limited Edition timepiece, we think you’ll agree it can. As a “wearable piece of conceptual art,” the Laco RAD-AUX is a functional tool watch, designed for the necessities of an alternate reality: the Fallout gaming universe.

In conversation over creating a watch, I (Matt) recalled experiencing an installation by the artist Iris Häussler. The installation titled “Ou Topos—Abandoned Trailer Project” featured a collection of strange artifacts, which were displayed in a vacant parking garage. The setup to the exhibit described city officials finding and removing a strange, abandoned trailer from a Toronto parking lot back in 2009. Filled to the brim with odd items, the trailer seemed to come from an alternate reality. ... TOWATCH%29


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