In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

Postby Racer-X » August 26th 2018, 3:11pm

"The dive watch, as we know it, emerged almost fully formed in 1953, with little need for improvement since. Ample water resistance, legible dial and hands, and robust and accurate timekeeping are about all that’s needed, and those earliest Sea Wolf, Fifty Fathoms, and Submariner models got it right. Any improvements since have largely been tweaks and minor enhancements. Straps and bracelets have gotten better, depth ratings have gone positively abyssal but at the expense, in many cases, of wearability, and bezels have seen all manner of re-engineering. But a 1962 Tornek-Rayville, assuming it’s been serviced and sealed, will time a dive just as well as a 2018 tantalum tourbillon diver with fingerprint scanning locked bezel. It’s ironic the amount of expense and energy brands put into “improving” their underwater watches, at a time when almost no one takes them underwater. "
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Re: In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

Postby foghorn » August 26th 2018, 3:39pm

Nice. The only thing missing is a rotation safety system tested to 1000 meters (or metres if you're one of them)
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Re: In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » August 26th 2018, 4:28pm

I like watches with a sub-second, especially vintage ones. But a sub-second is OK as long as it's not on a dive watch (doesn't apply to diver's chronographs).

This one's an Invictesquely colossal and revolting contraption. In other words, it sucks cock. Even with a sweep second, it would still suck cock.
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Re: In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

Postby bedlam » August 26th 2018, 5:11pm

The small seconds is a poor choice. The dive watches whole shtick is readability....making one of the hands 3mm tall isn't making it easily readable.

Also, I thought the Oris clasp was spring loaded? Sounds like it has to be adjusted 'on-the-fly' for compression changes. Last thing I want to be doing is adjusting and re-adjusting my watch strap as I descend and return. That's a fail made worse because the proprietary lugs mean it can't take any other strap.

Heaton says the bezel is hard to use. At least it's indexed.
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Re: In-Depth: Diving With The Oris ProDiver GMT

Postby Pubbie » August 27th 2018, 4:00am

It's a pass from me. The subseconds are hard to read and with all that other shit on it that pretends to be cool and hard, all windswept and outdoorsy, it is not far from parody. Oris does have recent form in making watches for clowns as well as "real people" (whoever they are).

Funny how these days manufacturers make watches BIG to demonstrate higher than average water resistance - Tudor even outsizes them with low WR. Black Bay 2018: 41mm across, 14.6mm deep, 200m. IWC Aquatimer 1998: 42mm across, 14.5mm, 2000m. 20 years' progress, one-tenth the capability!
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