The True Story Of "The Radium Girls"

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The True Story Of "The Radium Girls"

Postby TemerityB » August 6th 2018, 2:57pm

This is absolutely unreal, and it really gives me pause on about four different levels. Must reading, I believe. And it's horrifying - whatever you do, at least scroll through all six pages of this.

This is from a site called ATI:

In 1917, scores of patriotic young girls counted themselves lucky to have landed war work at a large warehouse complex in Orange, New Jersey.
The pay was fantastic – roughly three times the average working girls’ wage – and the work was light. Literally, the work was light as the main job the young ladies were given was to apply glowing paint to the faces of clocks, instrument gauges, and wristwatches for the United States Radium Company.
Once a thin layer of white paint, impregnated with the newly discovered element radium, was layered onto the dials, their hands naturally glowed and made them easier to read at night or in a dark trench in Flanders.
Without exception, the “radium girls” were told the paint was safe to handle, and so virtually no precautions were taken while they handled and even ingested countless doses of radioactive poison.
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Re: The True Story Of "The Radium Girls"

Postby Thunder1 » August 6th 2018, 3:39pm

What a nightmare for these young ladies and their families..
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Re: The True Story Of "The Radium Girls"

Postby JAS1125 » August 6th 2018, 3:39pm

Wow..I knew just passing info about this.
Very tragic
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