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Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Postby Racer-X » July 21st 2018, 12:34am

"Brothers Oliver and Rudi Laing are the minds and movers behind Vapaus, a British watch company that is now onto their second Kickstarter campaign with a 38-millimeter chronograph they call the Vorcut. The Laings are unabashedly trying to capture what they call 1950s and 60s watch style, but there’s an interesting psychological theme here, too.

A Rorschach ink-blot adorns the solid case back of the 38-millimeter Vorcut. Herman Rorschach, a Swiss psychologist, devised his test in 1921 as a way to help psychologists peer into the unconscious. By the 1960s peering into the unconscious had become a convention among intellectuals, and indulging in psychoanalysis was as chic as driving a Porsche 911, wearing a black turtleneck, smoking a pipe, and discussing abstract expressionism."
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Re: Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Postby bobbee » July 21st 2018, 12:54am

I...I don't get it. If you are going to reference Rorschach, why not have a plain white dial with a dead black ink-blot image? Why not do them as unique to each watch? Putting an ink-blot on the back is stupid and means nothing.
Fuck, I just gave away a brilliant idea for a limited edition watch...

I like the orange dial as it reminded me of my dad's guitar, it was one with the old 'tobacco sunburst' colouring.
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Re: Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Postby foghorn » July 21st 2018, 4:05am

The proprietary syringe hands with their long needles and ample vials of lume are straight out of a medical nightmare.

So is this whole fucking review. And the watches with the Beethoven skull on the back.

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Re: Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Postby conjurer » July 21st 2018, 7:45am

Author Allen Farmelo
At age 7 Allen fell in love with a Timex boy...

This says it all. Finocchio!
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Re: Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Postby biglove » July 21st 2018, 8:36am

Have seen worse but that's not saying much. Great size. Acceptable price. STOOPID backstory including the usual BS.

Wouldn't wear it if given one.
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