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The Vintage Watchman

Postby koimaster » June 19th 2018, 3:41pm

I can tell you when it all began.

My dad took it upon himself to go to the local jeweler and buy me a pocket watch for my high school graduation (what I now know as a VERY traditional graduation gift)…I wore that watch daily for years! That watch started it all!

I think I started collecting like many people do… cautiously… not being very sure of myself I bought cheap watches and learned the hard way that can become expensive! I have to say, I still have a couple of those watches and though they will never be very valuable… I STILL think they are cool! You can see two of these on our “Stars of the show” page.

Over the years my collection grew to the point that I had to somehow get control of it. I had a number of vintage Hamilton watches as I loved the wide variety of shapes and styles of the 50’s and 60’s Electrics, a vintage Longines, and a vintage Omega automatic that I inherited from an uncle… so I decided that I would collect these three brands and sell everything else… with one exception… I kept a small watch case that if something came along that I NEEDED… it had to fit in the case… or something had to be sold from the case to make it fit! So occasionally a vintage Heuer, or vintage LeCoultre would replace an older find.

The best part of the whole adventure is when I met Mary the woman who was to become my best friend, wife, and partner in crime. A woman who is a collector of anything Victorian… and who enjoys the various yard sales, flea markets, auctions, and antique stores that I search through looking for my treasures, however, I have learned that whenever I hear “isn’t that pretty” as I’m sorting through a watchmaker’s estate I’ve purchased, the profit margin just went down!

Mary and I have become members of the National Association of Clock and Watch Collectors (NAWCC) and local chapters from MA to CT (which I would HIGHLY recommend!) We have met many people who have shared their passion, knowledge, and friendship. Mary has become the treasurer of our local NAWCC Chapter #87, and I am in my second term as president. I have also just been nominated to run for the NAWCC Board of Directors!

This all brings us back to where I would ask you to check our references page to see what other people say about us.

Here are some articles about The Vintage Watchman:

Country Living Magazine

The Clock and Watch Museum

Our new site, like our business, The Vintage Watch Man, has evolved and we are excited to share the changes.

Originally we wanted to share our neat finds with the world with an on line business… what it has evolved into is a group of watchmakers, collectors, and jewellers looking for watches that we find. This loyal group buys almost every watch, part and movement that we come across as we know which collector is seeking which watch or watch tool. This has created a great environment for the retiring jewellers, retiring watchmakers, pawn brokers, downsizing collectors, and their families because 90% of what we buy we know who will buy it from us tomorrow. This quick turnover allows us to pay more for material as we will not be waiting 6 months to years to move inventory. A true win/win for all!

Check out our About Us page to see how this adventure started, or On The Road to see some of the cool things that we have come across.

We would love for you to get to know us as we want to be THE vintage watch solution if you want to sell… watchmaker estates, watch material, watch tools, vintage watches and more. If you want to buy… let us know what you want if it is antique pocket watches, antique wrist watches, watch displays, watch crystals, movements... with a material supply house in our future!

For the Prop Masters, Costume Designers, or anyone in theatre, tv or film production that needs the details correct we have provided correct period time pieces to projects like the award winning short film Split Ticket, and the HBO smash hit Boardwalk Empire… you can see our Stars of the Show page to get a feel for what we can do for any period production.

We are most proud of our reference page as it is important to us to leave every transaction having made another loyal client and friend.


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