Swiss master watchmaker running out of time

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Swiss master watchmaker running out of time

Postby koimaster » June 3rd 2018, 10:29pm

Philippe Dufour has been making watches by hand for 50 years but has no-one to pass his skills on to. ... ut-of-time


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Re: Swiss master watchmaker running out of time

Postby conjurer » June 3rd 2018, 10:56pm

Philippe Dufour may well be unique in the fact that he's one of the very few old school watchmakers who doesn't look like a serial murderer.

I have read (and probably may well be totally wrong) that there are a fair number of Swiss watchmakers who work the way Dufour does, making extremely limited watches, completely by hand, perhaps only a single piece per year, for a very limited clientele. These watches probably go into safe deposit boxes on delivery, and may only come out and be put up for sale upon the owner's death.
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Re: Swiss master watchmaker running out of time

Postby Hawk » June 4th 2018, 9:40am

The "no one to pass his skills on to" part is inaccurate. ... hmakers/2/
He’s exchanged techniques and lessons with the master watch makers at Seiko in Japan who produce Grand Seiko and Credor timepieces. Dufour is incredibly impressed with their work and shares a story on how he helped Seiko discover a local plant similar to one in Switzerland that Dufour uses as part of the finishing process. Dufour warns the “too-comfortable” Swiss watch industry that they are no longer the clear winners of watches. He gives considerable weight to the work done by the Germans, Japanese, and even the Chinese.

It would perhaps be more accurate to say that he doesn't have anyone Swiss to pass his skills to.
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