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Postby koimaster » May 17th 2018, 4:35pm

Founded in the nineteen-twenties, an important era for the Swiss watchmaking industry, Delma’s avant-garde early days set the pace for its future. A new type of watch rose in importance: the wristwatch. By the early 20th century military soldiers began wearing their pocket-watches on a fitted wrist strap. The practicality was observed by early aviators and soon the wristwatch became popular in daily life for its convenience as well as style.

The change in fashion was revolutionary for watchmakers and required them to drastically modify production. Brothers, Albert & Adolf Gilomen, recognized this as an ideal moment to enter the industry. In 1924 they founded their own watch company in their hometown, Lengnau, Switzerland between Grenchen and Biel. Horology was relatively new to the city but they saw its potential being ideally situated in the middle of the Swiss watch production region. There was a watchmaking school nearby that granted access to skilled craftsmen. Equally, there were established independent furnishers that guaranteed a supply of all the necessary components.

The Gilomen brothers strategically registered four brand names: Thuya, Midland, Delma and Gil. Thuya originally served as the company’s name and the other labels were used for watch models and families. Delma began appearing on watch faces as early as 1933 and was eventually to be established as the company’s name.

Production was focused on precise, robust timepieces that were elegant at the same time. The company was dedicated to remaining at the forefront of progress by producing watches that aligned with the innovation of the day. The watches were exclusively crafted by the most skilled horologists and composed of materials from leading suppliers.

In the forties, when Landeron, a first-class movement manufacturer issued an advanced chronograph movement, Delma was inspired to launch an elegant yet sturdy chronograph. It became the starting point for the company’s dedication to sports watches.

The fifties and sixties saw significant inventions in deep sea diving and interest in exploration of the submarine world. As a result, automatic movements and great advances in water-resistant watchcases led to the development of the first divers’ watches. In 1969 Delma introduced the Periscope, its first timepiece with greater water-resistance which was stylish and functional. A few years later, in 1975, Delma issued its premier professional diver, the Shell Star. The sea has been Delma’s companion ever since.

After a long period in the hands of the Gilomen family, the company changed ownership. It was renamed Delma Watch Ltd. in 1966 following the takeover by Ulrich Wüthrich and a partner. Thanks to their leadership and wise decisions, Delma steered securely through the quartz crisis of the seventies which cost thousands of jobs and quite a few well-known brand names.

In 1996 the business was passed down to Ulrich’s son in law. Today, Delma is still family-owned and operated by Fred Leibundgut and partners. His son Andreas serves as Head of Marketing. As one of the last independent Swiss watchmaking manufacturers, we feel more committed than ever to the tradition of superior watchmaking and are proud to continue to convey the unique image and values of the traditional Swiss craft around the globe.


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Re: Delma Watches

Postby foghorn » May 17th 2018, 4:58pm

Originally the company was going to collaborate with Loius Vuitton to produce high quality fashion watches but the name Delma & Louis crashed and burned and the idea was scratched.

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Re: Delma Watches

Postby conjurer » May 17th 2018, 5:01pm

foghorn wrote:Originally the company was going to collaborate with Loius Vuitton to produce high quality fashion watches but the name Delma & Louis crashed and burned and the idea was scratched.

Damn. You just tied this thread up with Sarandon wrap.
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Re: Delma Watches

Postby TemerityB » May 17th 2018, 5:11pm

That's not what I heard. I heard that Delma had a fling with Shaggy after years of sexual tension, but those in the know claim only Scooby knows for sure.
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