An Audience With: Mr Angelo Bonati

An Audience With: Mr Angelo Bonati

Postby koimaster » April 3rd 2018, 7:18pm

As March 2018 comes to an end, so too does one of the strongest captaincies of the Richemont Group. After 21 years steering Officine Panerai to worldwide success, Angelo Bonati is handing the helm over to Jean-Marc Pontrue (previously of Roger Dubuis). A long-time supporter of Revolution, and a great friend of our two founders, Wei Koh and Dr Bruce Lee, we could not let the occasion pass without a final bon voyage. So, here is one of Mr Bonati’s final interviews as CEO of Panerai.

After 21 years at Panerai, what are your strongest memories of developing the brand?
When we started with Panerai, we were proposing something very different to the market, something that didn’t really exist and we were not sure what the reaction would be. It turned out that people were surprised – they were shocked – and from that time until now, we have always tried to shock people. Not by proposing something stupid or something frivolous, but by delivering serious contenders into the watch market. The watch industry is full of exceptional timepieces and to take market-share is never easy, but we did it. How? Because right from the beginning, we started dreaming. And in dreaming, we found the strength to accept the challenge, to develop the brand.


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Re: An Audience With: Mr Angelo Bonati

Postby foghorn » April 4th 2018, 4:57am

Is he that eye-tallyin oprah singer wut is blynd???
He shure gots a purty mouth.
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Re: An Audience With: Mr Angelo Bonati

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » April 4th 2018, 7:35am

An audience with a fucking forger? Great. Behold, the man who covered up the story behind the reissue of watches built for the Nazis (the "Kampfschwimmer"), and under whose tenure as CEO Panerai has created a "reissue" of a watch that never existed (Mare Nostrum) as well as pulled off stuff like converting key-wound alarm clock Angelus movements to stem-wound, in order to make a limited edition with "NOS" movements.
Just one example of these forgeries here:

Oh, and there was also the "Brooklyn Bridge" limited edition, with the cheapest and unmarked Unitas (not even the Panerai-modified one!) inside.

The title of any interview with this guy should be "The Man Who Fucked Over Panerai's Customers."
His deepest need was that people should like him. An admirable trait, that... In a spaniel, or a whore.
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I'd send them all an animated gif of Ron Jeremy sucking his own cock.
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