Rolex Mark Dials: What They Are

Rolex Mark Dials: What They Are

Postby koimaster » July 10th 2019, 10:29am

Within Rolex collecting circles, there exists some common terminology that is important to comprehend in order to gain a better understanding of the vintage market. One of the more commonly referenced terms, which you are almost certainly likely to encounter at some point or another is Rolex “Mark Dials.” Today we’ll be exploring the definition of Rolex Mark Dials and why they are important to watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Rolex Mark Dials Defined

The term “Mark” (frequently abbreviated as MK) is used to differentiate between different dial styles within the same Rolex reference family. It is always followed by a number (often Roman numerals but sometimes Arabic numerals) like Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and so on (or MK1, MK2, and MK3). ... dials.html


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Re: Rolex Mark Dials: What They Are

Postby 3Flushes » July 11th 2019, 8:43am

Interesting read- popped into the 'ol library- I never did have all of that straight.
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