Urban Gentry MIA?

Re: Urban Gentry MIA?

Postby conjurer » February 9th 2019, 1:26pm

MKTheVintageBloke wrote:Heard back from the Gerald fellow - by the way, not a YouTuber, I got that wrong. The guy's a photographer by trade, and a pretty serious collector of vintage Grand Seikos:

The copyrighted material that TGV has used without his permission were photos from his Instagram account. In response to the videos being taken down from TGV's channel, TGV tried to...claim Fair Use with YouTube. A channel that monetized, claiming "fair use!" Cheeky bastard.
Meanwhile, according to Gerald, within the time that YouTube had to process the Fair Use claim, they have not allowed the videos to get back on the channel, and so they're unlikely to return there.

Hold the fucking phone... This Gerald guy's a motherfucking limey? For fuck's sakes, don't we have enough goddamn Brits around here??? For one thing, our dental insurance premiums are going to fucking skyrocket!!
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Re: Urban Gentry MIA?

Postby TemerityB » February 9th 2019, 2:36pm

3Flushes wrote:Why, this is a horrible loss for the watch blogosphere.

Avoid YouTube (hi, Thailand "vacationers"). One "expert" was talking about a quartz Tissot model "which, no doubt, has an inexpensive Ronda quartz movement inside." I rest my case.
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Re: Urban Gentry MIA?

Postby svaglic » February 9th 2019, 4:54pm

I hope he joins, I would love to see his GS’s and hear his knowledge on them.
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Re: Urban Gentry MIA?

Postby tomsimac » February 9th 2019, 6:11pm

He’s a collector. That reduces supply. Means higher prices to the elderly
I’m going to complain to the SJW
Maybe my check for not “willing to work” can cover the cost.
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