BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

Postby koimaster » August 14th 2018, 10:40am

I posted this here to make everyone aware that BDWF, a forum many of us belonged to or currently belong to is no longer a truly viable forum anymore. It was apparently moved to a server owned by Rick Marei of doxa and all things related to that brand. uses godaddy proxy services but nonetheless it is Rick Marei. For quite some time now Jas, Conj and a couple of others have kept that site up along with a few diehard members there. A credit to them.

Mike and his wife have had health issues and that of course takes precedence of anything else but BDWF was adrift. Since 2015 Mike and I discussed moving BDWF onto our server which is a very robust one and currently hosts not only watchlords but as well. Mike did not know until the outages hit BDWF in 2015 and 2016 that Doxa/rick had any part of BDWF. Randy who had owned BDWF prior to Mike never informed him of the doxa connection. The stumbling block with Mike was doxa and his fear as he told me in emails, that Rick could and would delete his forum.

Well It appears that the forum was moved to a new server and the domain BDWF was re-directed to As you can see from the screenshot, the words BDWF are gone, replaced with what you see in black. We have thought of how to salvage the forum there but it appears that old threads have just a title and the data deleted. I did some research in the old pages and found it to be true. At any rate, my point is being absent from a forum can lead to bad things happening.

When I was ill in 2014 members here (founding members and others) stepped up and took control. As there are not mods here my daughter has all of the access codes for the place but I am going to share information with others on the WL forum which will let them take over if I am gone for any reason. The forum cannot be moved from this server without my direct approval nor can it be deleted. This forum has been here for close to 9 years now and I am certain whether I am here or not that it will continue to be online and in good hands.

one thing that Dion (who many know of) and I discussed was why anyone would want to move a forum. Aside from stability, it seems that emails are worth money to watch related companies. The mailing list of BDWF therefore might be one reason to takeover a forum that does not belong to you.

BDWF portal.PNG

And my interview with the guy Rick called a lunatic is below.


The below email is apparently the start of the relationship between Doxa and BDWF. It relates to John Vargas.

----- Original Message -----
From: Randy Rush
To: 'Kfoley' ; 'rob bodily' ; 'Aaron Fuhrman'
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 7:44 AM
Subject: Replies from Doxa and Pfeiffer

Here are the emails I received from Rick Marei of Doxa and John Pfeiffer:

Randy, thank you for contacting John and for giving him this opportunity. John P. forwarded me your email because he has suffered throughout the past few weeks because of John Vargas's attitude, because he felt he is responsible for hiring John Vargas and for all the damage that he caused.

Please let me explain the situation before I proceed with commenting the thread publicly.

John Vargas is mentally unstable. His injuries have rendered almost all his vital organs dysfunctional and put him in a long comma, where his brain has suffered and unfortunately, it was permanently damaged. When he started to work for DOXA, we found him very pleasant to deal with until he started building his network of lies. John is a notorious liar and this is to the most extent, a result of his mental disorder. I never heard of a person in my entire life who is able to build such a network of lies around himself and at some time, starts believing them. I have a list of people with a long list of lies they were told by John, usually persons, he would call, brothers or friends. All of them are, although they sometimes find him, a pleasant person to deal with, are sick and tired of his lies. John is not a bad guy or at least, I assume and hope he is isn't, but his mental disorder makes it hard to deal with him. John built his own virtual world and unfortunately, the internet has given him a good soil to do it.

As the information he posted are mostly untrue. I am tempted to reply to his thread but I am not sure yet of whether this is the best way to proceed. I do not know much about your forum and whether the forum members are willing to listen to the truth and the other side of the story.


Hi Randy, I have read through the thread again and it contains email communication between John Vargas and DOXA and slanderous material. If you have an anti slander policy, I kindly ask you to remove this thread

This correspondence between John and DOXA is not meant for public use and it is your decision whether you think it is correct to have this type of personal correspondence on your forum.

Thank you


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Re: BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

Postby boscoe » September 12th 2018, 4:21pm

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