Five Unusual Watches

Five Unusual Watches

Postby Racer-X » January 10th 2018, 7:39pm

Possibly a few for tikker.

Watchmaking can be a little unadventurous at times, a little safe. Outside the realms of companies like MB&F and Urwerk, it's not often that a watch brand takes a risk with something unusual. Every now and then, however, something unexpected happens. Whether the accountant was off sick or simply wasn't paying attention, sometimes a designer gets something through the system that's a bit more interesting. Here are five examples.

Featured Watches:
Bell & Ross BR01-92 Horizon
Cartier Tank Basculante W1011358
Vacheron Constantin Complications Classique Saltarello Jump Hour 43040/000P-19
Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Snoopy Award 3578.51.00
Hublot Big Bang Dark Jeans 301.CI.2770.NR.JEANS

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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby TemerityB » January 10th 2018, 8:20pm

Jeez. Which one would you guys choose, given this array of WTF?

For the first time, I'd pick Bell & Ross.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby Racer-X » January 10th 2018, 8:31pm

No surprise, the Speedmaster for me, followed by the VC.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby SynMike » January 10th 2018, 8:41pm

I like the Snoopy Speedmaster, although given a choice I'd still take the normal moon watch model. I found the Cartier interesting, but not my style. The others hold no interest to me.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby biglove » January 10th 2018, 9:32pm

Racer-X wrote:No surprise, the Speedmaster for me, followed by the VC.

Same here. Wouldn’t be seen wearing that B&R or that last atrocity.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby 3Flushes » January 10th 2018, 10:11pm

The history behind the Snoopy Speedy is cool- the VC is nice, but proly a million skins cased in platinum, so the Omega it is.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » January 10th 2018, 10:27pm

The Cartier and the VC are interesting, the "Snoopy" is just another LE milking the NASA connection cash cow, which is boring, the B&R is rather ghastly, and there's nothing unusual about Whoblows. OK, there is - Whoblows are unusually fugly.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby EV2DEMON » January 11th 2018, 7:58am

The only one that excites me at all is the Speedmaster. Yes, the Snoopy is milking the NASA deal, but it's still a cool watch interesting enough to make it appealing. I had the chance to grab one a few years ago for $2500 and passed, but I wouldn't touch one for the asking prices I see today.

None of the others interest me at all.
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Re: Five Unusual Watches

Postby relaxer7 » January 12th 2018, 6:27am

None of them for me... would love a Speedie but not a child's Snoopy one!
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