Mirrored Force Resonance Hands-On

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Mirrored Force Resonance Hands-On

Postby Racer-X » June 16th 2017, 7:26pm

by Jason Pitsch "Independent Swiss watch manufacture Armin Strom debuted one of the most interesting timepieces of 2016, distinguished by its unique dual regulation system that increases precision through “resonance.”

Resonance was studied in the context of watchmaking as early as the 17th century, when Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), inventor of the pendulum clock, first discovered that two separate pendulum clocks, when hung from a common beam, synchronized, thanks to resonance (two oscillating bodies in close proximity influence each other and eventually synchronize). Abraham-Louis Breguet later also explored resonance and subsequently created a double pendulum resonance clock."

Article at Professional Watches

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