Doxa 1500T Professional, Project AWARE 2

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Doxa 1500T Professional, Project AWARE 2

Postby koimaster » June 2nd 2017, 9:01am

Doxa… there’s a watch brand that a non-watch geek might not recognize. In one incarnation or another, they’ve been around for 127 years. But the watch that put Doxa on the modern map – the Doxa SUB 300T – is just a tick under 50 years old.

The SUB in all its depth ratings is an iconic dive watch (yes, I know… cliché). To produce the original SUB 300T, Doxa consulted with none other than the legendary Jacques Cousteau( and Vichy collaborator) and his dive buddy Claude Wesly.

Various versions of the piece pioneered several dive watch firsts: an orange dial for better visibility underwater (divers will tell you that was a fail, as orange turns to olive or grey at depth), a rotating bezel displaying no-decompression times (the time a diver can stay at a given depth and return to the surface without needing to stop at intervals to decompress in order to ward off the bends), and the first publically available helium release valve (more on that later).

Here, we’re looking specifically at the Doxa SUB 1500T Professional, Project AWARE 2 Edition. This piece has been produced in a limited edition of 300 watches, the second Project AWARE limited edition Doxa has produced. As implied by the name, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each watch goes to Project AWARE.

Briefly, Project AWARE is a non-profit with offices in the United States, the UK, and Australia. The organization works with volunteer divers in two primary areas: shark conservation and marine litter. The turquoise dial of the watch takes its cue from the non-profit’s color palate, and the Project AWARE logo is printed in the lower left dial quadrant. ... re-review/


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Re: Doxa 1500T Professional, Project AWARE 2

Postby eddiea » June 2nd 2017, 9:05am

AWARE is a good cause, I enjoyed my DOXA....
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