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MeisterSinger Metris

Postby koimaster » July 17th 2018, 8:43am

There are times where the formality of a suit makes an individual feel awkward, especially when others are dressed in casual clothing. Moreover, formal attire precludes physical activity.

When it comes to day to day clothing, blue jeans have become the default choice for many. They can be paired with a variety of other garments; their versatility is superb. Furthermore, jeans are inherently tough and hard-wearing, proving ideal when performing a myriad of tasks.

MeisterSinger has recently unveiled the Metris. The brand from Munster has likened this watch to a pair of jeans, pointing out its robustness and suitability for ‘every situation’.

The MeisterSinger Metris is available in four colourways: opaline silver, ivory, black and blue. Personally, I favour the latter version as the combination of a blue dial and matching strap proffer an unusual, eye-catching appearance.

The dial

The white needle-shaped hand performs a joint role, simultaneously indicating the hours and minutes with a lone voice. The MeisterSinger Metris does not proclaim time to the nearest second, its conversation with the wearer is less formal. Indeed, this is a watch for those individuals with a relaxed outlook on life. ... tris.html/ ... ollection/



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Re: MeisterSinger Metris

Postby foghorn » July 17th 2018, 12:50pm

Nice enough looking one hander but the write-up makes be hate it. And date windows don't fucking "reside" anywhere.
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Re: MeisterSinger Metris

Postby tiktok » July 17th 2018, 2:21pm

They found a date window in my last colonoscopy.
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Re: MeisterSinger Metris

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » July 17th 2018, 2:46pm

Yikes, what's the point of these things... If someone wants a one-hand watch, Luch has these for 50 bucks.
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