NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

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NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

Postby Racer-X » September 24th 2017, 2:19pm

"The Zürich Weltzeit travel watch has been a fan-favorite NOMOS for years, with its unusual design and legible combination of a large city ring and a 24-hour home time indicator at three o'clock. Today we're getting a limited edition Weltzeit dedicated to (and only available in) Singapore. The special watch actually comes in two different configurations, with the 50-piece set split between the two. So let's take a closer look."

Article at Hodinkee
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Re: NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

Postby biglove » September 24th 2017, 4:12pm

I like Nomos’ style although I will likely never drop the price on one.

These suck though.
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Re: NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

Postby conjurer » September 24th 2017, 6:31pm

They're using Mexico for the US Central Time Zone instead of Chicago? Nomos can suck my motherfucking dick. are a ray of sunshine here.

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