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Mido Ocean Star Review

Postby Racer-X » August 26th 2017, 7:58pm

by Zach Weiss "After years of looking at and reviewing watches on a daily/weekly basis, I’m sometimes surprised by what I end up liking. Sometimes it’s a watch that I expected to be garish or too large, but is tame and fits well. Or a watch that is so simple that I expect it to be dull, but it ends up having a sophistication beyond the sum of its parts. Regardless, I enjoy these surprises as they keep me looking forward to new releases and trying out new watches."

Article at Worn & Wound
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Re: Mido Ocean Star Review

Postby conjurer » August 26th 2017, 8:07pm

I was slightly interested until I got to this paragraph:

The bevels along the lugs are particularly nice, as they flare out as they approach the ends of the lugs, exaggerating the geometry. They then follow the edge all the way around, merging with the bevel underneath. With bevels along both the top and bottom edges of the mid-case, the watch looks a bit thinner. The bevels on the crown guards are a bit less obvious, but I imagine they take away some harshness that could have come from their triangular shape, which suits the more business-casual feeling of the watch.
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Re: Mido Ocean Star Review

Postby foghorn » August 27th 2017, 5:23am

He spellded bezel rong.

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