Chopard Unveils Mille Miglia Racing Colours

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Chopard Unveils Mille Miglia Racing Colours

Postby koimaster » March 13th 2019, 2:47pm

Ahead of Baselworld 2018, Chopard has announced the launch a new collection of five Mille Miglia Racing Colours chronographs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its partnership with the historic Italian road race. Produced in a limited edition of 300 each, the five colours represent the colors attributed to various nations that competed in the world of motor racing in the first half of the 20th century. ... ng-colours


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Re: Chopard Unveils Mille Miglia Racing Colours

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » March 13th 2019, 7:08pm

Meh. Oh, and it’s yet another modular chrono. Double meh.
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Re: Chopard Unveils Mille Miglia Racing Colours

Postby conjurer » March 13th 2019, 8:18pm

I like all of 'em. Each and every one of them gives me a boner.
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Re: Chopard Unveils Mille Miglia Racing Colours

Postby bedlam » March 13th 2019, 11:03pm

Yay, another chrono with sub-dials eating the indices. Joy.
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