Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai...spectacular video

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Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai...spectacular video

Postby AlbertaTime » June 19th 2016, 8:25am

This felt very real to me.

Looks like I won't get back till 2017 :-( but, in the meantime...if you haven't been, and if you follow my travels, you've seen photos of the places in this video: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai.

I think this wonderfully hi-def splash really conveys even how it feels, sometimes, to be in downtown modern urban China. It's not all of urban China, to be sure, but it's still remarkably accurate on a whole slew of levels.

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Re: Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai...spectacular video

Postby tiktok » June 19th 2016, 10:27am

Great video, sir. Love the temples in the midst of urban madness. Where I live is heavily Chinese and Korean, there are 108 languages spoken in Flushing, Queens.
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Re: Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai...spectacular video

Postby Wasp » June 20th 2016, 6:13am

I have for decades admired Asian culture, philosophies, intellect and communion. If they ever get the wealth to the masses through non entitlement incentive China will dominate the world, barring of course a 1917. Resources will be the issue. Not much front page stuff but China for quite some time has had their ten-ring on the relatively unlimited resources of the dark continent. Africa that's the motherload. Making quite a bit of progress.
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