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The Bremont Supermarine Waterman

PostPosted: June 13th 2018, 8:44am
by koimaster
This limited edition of 300 pieces from Bremont is a new take on the Supermarine diver, simply called the Waterman. Bremont has worked with Mark Healy, a noted free diver, surfer, and environmentalist, in testing the watch. A portion of the proceeds from the Waterman's sales will benefit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a charitable clean water initiative too. As you can see, in addition to indications for the hours, minutes, seconds, and date, this watch also comes with a GMT function. It's also a COSC-certified chronometer. Bremont has cased its BE-93-2AE GMT movement (a modified ETA 2892-A2) in the durable S500 case style, notable for its crown placement at two o'clock. ... ntroducing

Re: The Bremont Supermarine Waterman

PostPosted: June 13th 2018, 9:05am
by conjurer
Dang! I like this one, which is unusual, since most of Bremont's designs make me want to topple over into a coma, like a played-out kitten. They even got the GMT/diver's thing right, with the 24 hour scale on the rehaut and the diver's scale on the bezel. Of course, being a Bremont, it's priced about three grand too much, but a good effort.