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Van Brauge Watches

Postby koimaster » September 26th 2017, 3:52pm

From Father to Son

In 1975, when he was ten, Max Van Brauge inherited his father’s watch. It was a classic 1950’s Swiss Automatic Watch with 25 Jewels, typical of those worn by professional men at that time. It evoked the essential style and sophistication of the English Gentleman.


Max initially trained in jewellery making. However, always, at the back of his mind was his desire to learn more about his father’s watch. He began by designing a watchcase for his father’s watch, but his studies soon led him deeper into the world of watchmaking. Max advanced into training as a watchmaker himself. He spent many years deepening his studies and honing his skills as a watchmaker studying at the Watchmaking School in Birmingham, with the British Horological Institute, West Dean College in Chichester, and with Sotheby’s & Christies.


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Re: Van Brauge Watches

Postby conjurer » September 26th 2017, 10:07pm

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Re: Van Brauge Watches

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » September 27th 2017, 5:36am

Looking at their prices, I wonder if it's a scam, or what?

The VB-Churchill looks nice. Why, that's a very 1940s design, nicely brushed case and an absolutely fantastic dial. Modified ETA 2824 under the hood...$22990 for that? Are they fucking mental? That for Patek sort of money? Or are the prices given in Zimbabwe dollars?

Also, their watches in solid gold cases - they have to be fucking kidding. $85000? Oh, for fuck's sake, you can get a Lange 1815 chrono or a VC Cornes de Vache for 20 grand less! Fuck me!

I wonder if it's even a real company, or is their site just some elaborate trolling... If it is trolling, I believe they deserve an applause for that masterpiece of a joke. If not, they deserve ten cabriole table legs up their arses for being a sorry bunch of fucking fleecers.
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