Guide to the Bremont Military special editions

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Guide to the Bremont Military special editions

Postby koimaster » June 29th 2017, 3:36pm

They represent probably the widest and most visible customisation process offered by any modern watch brand, and have been a cornerstone of the company’s strategy practically since day one. Yet for the majority of the past decade, Bremont has kept quiet about this side of its existence. Times are changing, and at its recent open-house press day, the brand brought out dozens of its military watches, so we took as many pictures as we could, and peppered them with questions.

Whether you’re an interested customer looking for a substantial and personalised piece of memorabilia (just back from a tour of duty? Close to retirement?) or just curious about something that makes up a sizeable chunk of Bremont’s business, here is your one-stop guide to Bremont’s Military and Special Projects watches.

By Chris Hall

There have been a lot of them. Bremont is cagey about giving out exact figures but the number of different military editions produced is now in the low hundreds. Just over 100 are currently listed on the website as being available to order, and the military side of Bremont’s business accounts for more than a quarter of the brand’s production.

You can’t bluff your way in. Bremont’s Military projects division is rigorous about checking that you genuinely have served where you say you have. Bremont will “pre-authorise” your military status before accepting any deposits by contacting the regiments concerned. ... y-watches/


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