The Value Proposition - The Anordain Model 1

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The Value Proposition - The Anordain Model 1

Postby koimaster » April 10th 2019, 2:12pm

Coming out of the SIHH/Baselworld season, there's always a bit of fatigue when it comes to new watches. I've read so many press releases, seen so many brand presentations, and handled so many new (and only sort of new) watches over the last few months that it can become a bit of a blur. Everything runs together. But when I took delivery of a few watches from upstart brand Anordain right between the two trade shows, it was a little breath of fresh air. The aesthetic, the ideas, and the backstory all spoke to me and I knew I wanted to share them with you all.


Anordain is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and was founded with a pretty simple mantra: "the appeal of a good mechanical watch lies in its ability to operate independently of the modern world." With that in mind though, Anordain's watches don't feel overly nostalgic or backward looking. Instead, they reference the past in subtle ways while still appearing contemporary and different. Anordain's first watch, the aptly named Model 1, is an expression of these principles and one that's appealingly priced at just a hair over $1,300. ... roposition


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Re: The Value Proposition - The Anordain Model 1

Postby biglove » April 10th 2019, 4:02pm

A Nomos homage for ONLY $1300. Beautiful, yes. To hell with that price tag though.
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Re: The Value Proposition - The Anordain Model 1

Postby conjurer » April 10th 2019, 9:40pm

Those look like fucking shit. Anybody who buys one of these is a hipster fucking asshole, and can suck my salty balls.
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