Just In! Secret Harvey Weinstein Audio Tape!

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Just In! Secret Harvey Weinstein Audio Tape!

Postby conjurer » November 30th 2017, 10:15am

Recorded 10 April, 2006, on cell phone at Ambassador Hotel, NYC.

Transcript as follows:

Weinstein: Hi, Bea, come on in.

Arthur: Harvey, it’s good to see you. It’s been too long.

Weinstein: Let me take your coat. (Rustling of clothing.) Sit down, Bea, sit down.

Arthur: Thanks, Harvey.

Weinstein: You want a drink, Bea?

Arthur: I’ll take an Evian, thanks.

Weinstein: You’re looking good, Bea. Are you doing Pilates?

Arthur: I’ve I haul myself out of bed in the morning without my back sounding like a ratchet in handcuffs, I consider that doing good.

(Weinstein laughs.)

Weinstein: Here you go, Bea.

Arthur: Thanks, Harvey. So what’s going on?

Weinstein: Here’s the pitch, Bea: Golden Girls In the 21st Century.

Arthur: Are you nuts?

Weinstein: Nah. You old broads are hot with the Millennials.

Arthur: You know I’ve retired, Harvey.

Weinstein: You want the job or what?

Arthur: I could use the work. I’m not exactly eating ramen over here, but who couldn’t use the money these days?

Weinstein: There’s something you’ve got to eat first, Bea.

(Sound of fly unzipping.)

Arthur: Jesus Christ, Harvey!

Weinstein: What’s you think of this?

Arthur: It looks like a dick, only smaller.

Weinstein: This thing is ready to do some damage.

Arthur: What’d you think of this?

(Sounds of clothing falling to the floor.

Weinstein: What the fuck?

Arthur: This thing is ready to do some damage, too.

Weinstein: You got a dick!

Arthur: You bet. And guess where it’s going.

(Sounds of struggle.)

Weinstein: For the love of god, stop!

Arthur: Spread those cheeks for me, Harvey.

Weinstein: For fuck’s sakes, Bea! Don’t put it in my bung!

Arthur: Too late, Harvey.

(Grunting, followed by the sound of a man crying)

Weinstein: Don’t shoot it in my ass!

Arthur: Here comes the Hep-C, bigshot.

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Re: Just In! Secret Harvey Weinstein Audio Tape!

Postby Mark1 » November 30th 2017, 6:16pm

Just warming Harvey up for prison.
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Re: Just In! Secret Harvey Weinstein Audio Tape!

Postby OTMF » November 30th 2017, 6:17pm

In his own words: Comedian Jeffrey Ross on the Bea Arthur joke that made his career 4/27/2009

https://tvhowl.com/in-his-own-words-com ... is-career/
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Re: Just In! Secret Harvey Weinstein Audio Tape!

Postby biglove » November 30th 2017, 6:27pm

Sweet, Jeebus, this made my day.

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