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invicta in the news

Postby koimaster » May 9th 2018, 4:55pm



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Re: invicta in the news

Postby Hawk » May 10th 2018, 7:58am

I recall once suggesting that Skelton may have been telling the absolute truth when he said that invicter had more COSC submissions than any other brand.

Mathematically it's possible. If Rolex had 770,000 certificates and invicter had 1,069 it is possible that invicter made 800,000 submissions but had a 99.87% failure rate. But if this was the case it's nothing to brag about outlandish mathematical possibility notwithstanding.

The more reasonable surmise was that JS was blowing sunshine up our asses.
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Re: invicta in the news

Postby TemerityB » May 10th 2018, 8:28am

At least in the old days Invicta was trying to con people that they were trying to get onto the fringe of the "luxury" segment. Of course, that's when they were using the word "Swiss" on watches that were slapped together in China. And, of course, the FH caught up to them, about a decade too late, but it happened.

As much as I look at today's Croton and gasp at the cheesiness, Invicta has gone much the same way - the watches look the same, but few say "Swiss" on them. Instead, the TV blowhards invent new concepts of "collectibility," including movie and comics character tie-ins, using Jayson Taylor's name (which really has no meaning to anyone north of Florida), dive cases for watches that aren't divers, the ever-hyped meteorite dials, diamonds (well, maybe), and, of course, watches larger than Roseanne Barr's hemorrhoid donut.

In other words, giving TV watchers exactly what they really want - lurid bad taste in excelsis. Once touting its no-longer-applicable presence at Baselworld to try to dupe seniors and idiots that it was a big-time, important brand, Invicta is now openly what it really has always been - the Ronco Pocket Fisherman of El Cheapo watches.
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