Marloe Cherwell Review

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Marloe Cherwell Review

Postby Darksider » November 1st 2016, 11:02am

I ran across the Marloe Cherwell a while back when it first started to raise funds at kickstarter ... ical-watch. What intrigued me about it was how much is looked like My Maurice Lacroix Petite Seconde which cost 10 times more. Oliver at Marloe watches which is an English brand, was kind enough to send me a prototype which is the subject of this review for which I want to thank him for. One piece of the story missing from reviews on the brand concerns how Oliver approached his project. In 2015 Oliver posted at Reddit asking for some advice. Not a bad idea for someone starting out in the watch business.

What to do pre-Kickstarter campaign? (self.kickstarter)

submitted 1 year ago by ollygoffe

I'm in the process of launching a new watch brand - I've ordered prototypes and have started to promote the website:

And in 12 weeks or so I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run.

I've started promoting the website and Facebook page spending approximately $2k/month on Facebook advertising, to gain a good following. I've also emailed some watch bloggers in an attempt to get some exposure. In addition, I have read dozens of 'how to' guides for Kickstarter campaigns but they're all a little generic.

But my question is - what other activities can I undertake to prepare as best I can for a Kickstarter campaign? Ultimately I want as many 'followers' and email addresses as I possibly can before I go live with Kickstarter.

Ideas welcome.


The Cherwell is elegant and I love an elegant and simple watch. The watch is just a bit over 43mm x 12mm in thickness which is not too large or too small. It hits the sweet spot many watch lovers have today. The movement is based on the Seagull ST36 which is very similar to the Unitas 6497. Both are work horse movements. The Seagull movement beats at 21,600bph with a power reserve advertised at 50 hours. I can confirm that it did last about that time in the two weeks I wore the watch.


When I first took the watch out of the box I was surprised at how large the crown was and was a bit concerned that it would be too large for the average person. I was wrong. Marloe in my opinion correctly guesses that a crown this size would make it easier to wind the movement. I have several hand crankers (everyone should have at least one) and this is by far the easiest to wind.


The watch sits comfortably on your wrist. The curved lugs do not overhang nor do they bite into your wrist like some. More of a vintage style then the more modern look. To some it might look like a pocket watch but that may have been the intent here. Using a hand wind movement also gives you that impression. The dial is wonderful. The sub dial draws you in with the concentric design, almost hypnotic. The raised center of the dial in a way reminds me a bit of the old pie pan dials from the 50's and 60's. The hour markers are large and simple as are the minute markers which are raised and match the color of the dial. The dials come in three colors, White, Black and Grey. Some may like the skeletonized hands, some may not but they fit the over all look of the watch and are large enough to see without glasses which my old eyes appreciate.

I like simple in my watch dials. There is not a day/date complication which for some might be a turn off but it really should not be. This is a simple watch, a watch in my opinion made for someone looking for something that can be worn to work as easily as it can be worn casually. Whether a suit or Levis, this will be a watch that fits both circumstances.


The price for all of this? Well before I get to that I should say that when this Marloe watch arrived and when the box was opened, my daughter, also a watch collector was not only pleased by the look of the watch but surprised by the price which is $350 or so in US dollars. In comparison the other three watches which arrived for me that day received a begrudging "they are ok". This is not only an affordable watch given the price point but also one that is well worth the money and perhaps more. For the effort, Marloe should receive an A which is not something I normally give to new watch brands.
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