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Peter Speake-Marin on Making Watches

PostPosted: May 14th 2018, 2:54pm
by koimaster
Peter Speake-Marin on Making Watches, Developing Movements and his Latest Venture, the Naked Watchmaker

I can clearly remember my very first Baselworld and meeting Peter Speake-Marin. I didn’t know the “industry” as well as I know it today and I had no real conception of the entire industry and where Peter fit in. Today, some ten years later, I’m still in touch with Peter and I feel honoured to call him a friend. Over this past decade, I’ve followed Peter’s wanderings through the industry, and since Peter recently started a new venture (the Naked Watchmaker) I wanted to give you an overview of who Mr Peter Speake-Marin actually is. Soon, we’ll focus on him deconstructing movements, but first, an interview with the man himself. ... atchmaker/