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Speake-Marin One & Two Academic

Postby koimaster » April 23rd 2018, 9:26am

The world of academia is brimming with intellectuals who dare to question convention. Some choose to employ their intelligence to innovate, setting aside established practices and conceiving fresh ideas.

Speake-Marin has named its latest watch, ‘Academic’. It seems a very apt nomenclature for this watch, as it, too, sidesteps accepted norms and delivers something new. The Speake-Marin One & Two Academic does not follow the accepted practice of positioning the small seconds at 6 o’clock. It is different.

This watch features a small seconds display at 1:30. On the face of it, this may not sound revolutionary, however, it presents technical challenges which have to be surmounted. By locating the small seconds at 1:30, the small seconds has to go through the time setting module. For many brands, this obstacle would render the idea impractical. For Speake-Marin, the idea proved viable as the company develops its own in-house movements.

However, as I will go on to explain, the Speake-Marin One & Two Academic is more than a watch with an unusually positioned small seconds display. It is endowed with a multitude of qualities, making it worthy of consideration.

https://www.escapementmagazine.com/arti ... emic.html/


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