Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

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Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Postby koimaster » March 13th 2019, 2:44pm

Every year at SIHH, it seems the attending watch media comes in with the same two nagging questions about Audemars Piguet: Is the brand ever going to expand its scope beyond its mega-popular and emblematic Royal Oak collections (and accept that its Millenary and Jules Audemars are niche products at best)? And is it ever going to debut a watch with a fully in-house, integrated chronograph caliber? Well, this year (coincidentally or not, its last year for the foreseeable future as an exhibiting brand at SIHH) AP answered both of those questions in the affirmative with the much-discussed launch of an entirely new collection, called Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet. ... l-calendar


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Re: Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Postby foghorn » March 13th 2019, 2:48pm

"Code 11.59 takes its name from the minute before midnight, an allusion to the anticipation of a new day, and by extension an embrace of the future. "

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Re: Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » March 13th 2019, 3:15pm

It has been carefully ogled, it has been weighed, it has been measured, and it was found ghey.
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Re: Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Postby bedlam » March 13th 2019, 11:06pm

It may be the renders but that brushed finish looks a bit agricultural :scratch:
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Re: Decoding the Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar

Postby TemerityB » March 14th 2019, 7:19am

Easily the most reviled watches at this year's SIHH, almost universally panned and disdained.

As for me, I didn't mind the styling, and I have no interest in AP to begin with - but it's been funny to watch the Nancy boys stomp their feet and blow snot bubbles (including the feeb YouTube mokes would couldn't afford one during their lifetimes, since they live in their mother's basements to begin with). It's as if, as a company, AP is allowed to only make Royal Oaks in 2,546 different styles, and nothing else.

Still, it's worth seeking out reviews of the Code 11.59 stuff, since people are blowing their tops over it.
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