Watchlord frequently asked questions

Watchlord frequently asked questions

Postby koimaster » June 23rd 2015, 8:28am


Swearing, nudity anon are allowed on this forum. Personal attacks on other members are not allowed. Attacks on the family members of others is not allowed nor is the disclosure of personal information unless that person is a public figure.

For those allegedly no longer in the public figure domain, matters which were disclosed or occurred while they were public figures are open for discussion, ridicule or disdain.

Yes you discuss politics in the correct forums. If you would like to have access to them please contact admin.

No replica watches are allowed on the forum. There are replica forums out there which are better suited for your fake Rolex.

This is a forum for adults who are treated as the adults they are.

Watchlords is supported by the members and as such does not have outside sponsors nor will it. This allows members to have open discussions without the heavy hand of a moderator closing a thread.

Getting into a pissing contest with another member will not close a thread and the members will be allowed to resolve the matter between themselves. The private message system is recommended for that.

There are no hacks in place which allow for Admin to read your private messages like were in place at watchgeeks and elsewhere.

There is not a "grumpy user" hack for those not wanted here. You are either a member or not.

Information related to watches on this forum is free to be distributed elsewhere including PDF files. Watch collecting is a hobby shared by many and the information should also be shared.

Why is the membership so low? Because we keep it that way. We do not keep "ghost" members to make it look like we have massive membership. We do not allow spammers to register here and then keep them on the membership rolls. Members here do not post idiotic posts such as " what watch strap should I buy to match my green undies. There are other forums for that listed in the suggested sites section.

You will never get a PM from Admin saying you violated the laws of some religion unless you have animal sex and fail to post photos. :twisted:


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