Kemmner Military AS1950/51

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Kemmner Military AS1950/51

Postby Racer-X » August 2nd 2018, 11:26pm

"Formerly an engineer at a German case making company, Roland Kemmner now makes watches under his own name. Most are modelled on vintage watches and designed with varying degrees of creativity, but all are put together with components made in Asia, but done well, which is why they are all extremely affordable.

One of the more interesting products Mr Kemmner has come up with is the Military AS1950/51, a hand-wound, time-only watch inspired by the Heuer ref. 1550SG “Bund” chronograph. It successfully channels the look of the original, while being simple and surprisingly low cost, priced at just over US$500, proving that smart budgeting and an eye for detail can go a long way."
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Re: Kemmner Military AS1950/51

Postby Falstaff » August 3rd 2018, 6:32am

Picked up one of Kemmner's classic Marine Chronometers with a hand wound Unitas movement on Recon last year. Well built, nicely finished (ought to be for a former Fricker guy) - a solid watch all round.
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Re: Kemmner Military AS1950/51

Postby conjurer » August 3rd 2018, 7:43am

Interestingly, I actually kind of like this.
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Re: Kemmner Military AS1950/51

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » August 3rd 2018, 9:06am

I like it.
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Re: Kemmner Military AS1950/51

Postby TemerityB » August 3rd 2018, 1:32pm

Diggin' the caseback and the bezel, and jeez, it's actually not a gouge. Impressed for once.
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