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Mondragon Watch Co

Postby koimaster » October 24th 2017, 10:02am

Mondragon Watch Co is a newcomer to the microbrand scene and when Igor Acosta, the founder approached me to review their debut model, the Angel Falls diver watch, I was quite impressed with the specs — more about that later. Its sporty look with the orange accents caught my eyes and I was curious to take a closer look at it. In the meantime, the Angel Falls was presented on Kickstarter and while there are 12 more days to go, the project is already fully funded. No surprises there, considering the pre-order prices… ... -hands-on/ ... e-tactical


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Re: Mondragon Watch Co

Postby conjurer » October 24th 2017, 10:15am

Dang! Two hundred and nine people really got assfucked on this one.
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Re: Mondragon Watch Co

Postby foghorn » October 24th 2017, 10:22am

Why is there a picture of Betty Whites ass on the back?

Why, he's no fun, he fell right over.
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Re: Mondragon Watch Co

Postby Rusty » October 24th 2017, 12:40pm

Isn't MONDRAGON one of the names of characters on MONTY PYTHON?
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Re: Mondragon Watch Co

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » October 24th 2017, 2:31pm

Rusty wrote:Isn't MONDRAGON one of the names of characters on MONTY PYTHON?

Characters? Not likely. Most sketches on Monty Python's Flying Circus had distinctive ones, hardly any repetition in that respect. You might have confused it with a character from the Arthurian legend, Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur - you could have heard it in one Monty Python film, though. The name was mentioned in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But, only mentioned.
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