Doxa Sub 300T Searambler

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Doxa Sub 300T Searambler

Postby koimaster » September 28th 2017, 9:06am

With the advent of SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) in the late 1950s, skin-diving as a sport became much more accessible to amateurs. Before electronic diving computers, watches were a crucial tool for divers, who required them to calculate dive and decompression times, and they needed specialized, easy-to-read watches. Rolex and Blancpain's iconic dive watches were released during this decade, the Submariner and Fifty Fathoms, and both have become the stuff of legend.

By the 1960s, DOXA was already established as a major manufacturer of timepieces, with over 100 people employed in its shop. The success of the Submariner and Fifty Fathoms drove DOXA to develop a dive watch of its own. It had to be comfortable, rugged, and above all reliable, with a dial that could easily be read in the murky depths of the ocean. ... searambler


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Re: Doxa Sub 300T Searambler

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » September 28th 2017, 12:31pm

Oh, dear God, not Analog/Shift aka Anal/Shit. Fucking fleecers. Though while they're fleecers alright, on the contrary to the Donkeys they have their watches serviced before sale.

I'm skeptical of most of what they sell and write (in the item descriptions).

First of all, because they sold this:
If they can't recognize such a shitty redial as a redial, it makes their expertise more than questionable.
Caught them selling a redialed Universal Geneve as well, they went incommunicado after I've informed them about that.

Besides, I had something of an encounter with them at WUS. They have a resident "enforcer" at WUS, with the "Watchuseek Editor" rank (think that's a rank higher than a mod) - open criticism of them results in getting a PM from him, of a chav-esque "got a problem?" nature. A few members, me included, did receive it.
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Re: Doxa Sub 300T Searambler

Postby eddiea » September 29th 2017, 12:18pm

Love DOXA....a Caribbean is in my short list!!!
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