Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby tiktok » September 25th 2018, 3:55pm

Many of you know about or have caressed the Chinese watches from Maison Celadon, a project by Singapore player Ben Chee. The second offering is a snazzy diver with 120 click bezel, 200m WR and beautiful sunburst dial in Grey or blue. The watch is really gorgeous and there's a lot of Chinese historical meaning in the shape of the dials and second hand. The watches are a limited run out of the Beijing Watch Factory, the top watch Factory over yonder. They have been waiting to complete the water resistant sting ray/rubber straps but I told him to ship me mine so I could take it sailing and of course last weekend was the end of sailing season. I like the large crown and sleek case design. The hands are blue which makes it a little difficult to read for old eyes but Ms Tikker who is very fussy thought the watch was really enticing. I threw it on a brown Nato till the strap and goat skin watch wallet arrive. I found the bezel a little tight but the Ms had no Probs with it or reading the hands. This is much watch for $1k though it's long sold out. A fast and dirty shot of mine.
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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby bobbee » September 25th 2018, 5:05pm

Really nice watch there tik.
I thought this was going to be a thread about onanism from the title...
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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby Thunder1 » September 25th 2018, 5:11pm

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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby Mark1 » September 25th 2018, 5:58pm

Nice, I like how the lugs are beveled and integrated into the case design. Congrats.
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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby biglove » September 25th 2018, 7:48pm

Celadon makes some fine looking watches. No exception here.
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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby TemerityB » September 25th 2018, 8:16pm

Ah, tok, you've done it again. Always so delightfully off the beaten path.
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Re: Very hungry after two hours on wrist

Postby conjurer » September 25th 2018, 8:33pm

A beautiful watch, no error!
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