Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby JAS1125 » June 14th 2018, 5:08pm

Hot damn!
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby TemerityB » June 14th 2018, 7:49pm

Well, congrats once again. Big pickup, small pickup, but you always do gravitate back to the big O.

Yeah, this needs a review post-haste.
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » June 15th 2018, 1:55am

That's a lovely Orient, Conj!
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby codguy » June 15th 2018, 3:53am

Your first Orient?? jking

Congrats my friend.

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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby nimbleboy » June 15th 2018, 6:04am

That's a beautiful watch...
Is it safe?
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby conjurer » June 16th 2018, 8:38pm

Some early thoughts:

Timekeeping sucks. About 14-15 seconds fast a day, which I certainly didn't expect. I've owned two OS300s with the same movement inside, and one kept time nearly dead on, the other was about six seconds fast a day.

The bracelet is pretty similar to the crappy M-Force models we've endured since the Revolver stopped production. However, it wears OK; it's kind of like the BoR SKX bracelets, where they wear more comfy than they really have a right to. They're pin and collar, but at least the single collar is in the center link, instead of the goofy Seiko bracelets (and at least one of the old M-Force bracelets) that had collars in the outer links, on both sides, so sizing it wasn't a total nightmare. The fold-over clasp is stamped, and has a similar extension to the Seiko Monster--meaning it's pretty useless.

The case is nicely finished, but nowhere near the finishing on the Sumo. One of the high points on the OS300, to me at least, was the crown--it was so wonderfully finished and machined that unscrewing it, setting the time, and reseating it was like opening and closing a German bank vault. Orient really screwed the pooch here--the crown has a lot of play when unscrewed, and seating it down feels like there's sand in it. It actually takes far more effort than it should to push it down, find the thread, and then screw it down. It's on a different planet from the OS300.

The dial's very good, extremely legible, and quite pretty in bright light. The hands and indices have plenty of Lumabrite, and shine pretty good. Even the power reserve hand has lume.

The bezel turns well (just like the OS300, in fact), so they got that right. The watch is well balanced, and not too big; it's still a big watch, but it's not retardedly big like the OS. I wore it two days straight so far without wishing I'd worn something else, which I could never say about the OS. The lug to lug could be a little shorter--as it is, it's about as big as I'll go. I've heard that it wears like the SKX007, but it don't to me.

Just some thoughts after a couple of days.
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby biglove » June 17th 2018, 10:34am

Dang, I would have expected more from Otient at the price point. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad with us.

Bazinga! should take note.
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Re: Incoming Gnu Wartche...

Postby Kahuna74 » June 17th 2018, 4:23pm

Thanks John for the info. I was looking at one of these too, but I'm going to just stay with my OS300. Alkeast till the next generation comes out.
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