Citizen's The Citizen

Citizen's The Citizen

Postby tiktok » February 18th 2018, 3:34pm

I bought the steel model A010 eco drive A010 as sort of an experiment. I had been wanting to try the Grand Seiko in quartz, the 9F series but I had just dropped a boat load on my beautiful bride to be's awesome rock and setting so I was trying to practice relative frugality while getting a top notch HAQ. It was bought six months old meaning that if I can work through all the kerfuffle of a totally Japanese warranty the watch has two official free service overhauls at two and eight years. My gut feeling is that the Citizen has a lot of amazing features that aren't that relevant to me, it is about half the price of a multitude of GS dials but lacks the je ne sait quip that makes a soulless watch like the 9F really enticing. The movement and features on the Citizen are sick, +6
accuracy per year, perpetual calendar, jumping hour hand w/ use of crown for timezones, and like I said TEN YEAR WARRANTY. But because out is so close in design cues to the GS it's easy to look at and say " I could have had a 9F."
Finish work is very precise if not altogether imaginative. The case is polished, the bracelet is brushed. There's the thing about GS-the finish will change up as you turn the corner on the lugs or in the brush and polish combo on the bracelet. I think the dial on the Citizen is an absolutely gorgeous, glowing white-ish and the indices shine really sharply but again it is not zaratsu where the flash of steel is almost random in terms of the light and angle. The Citizen is full on shiny on the dial and despite its relatively small size, 37.8 and its very comfortable slimness of 10mm the watch is super legible, more so under various lighting than GS. The lume is meh.
The case back has a really nice carved out sea monster or something. I would say the bracelet is more comfortable than many GS, the links are a bit on the light side for steel but not thin or hollow.
I would recommend this watch to anyone who wears a pocket protector and puts function ahead of form. I can see myself hanging onto this for a while longer and then putting its value towards a 9F. They are releasing a ton of quartz GS this year including their first quartz gmt.

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Re: Citizen's The Citizen

Postby biglove » February 18th 2018, 5:32pm

Quite lovely, indeed!
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Re: Citizen's The Citizen

Postby TemerityB » February 18th 2018, 6:21pm

I still think that watch is the bee's knees, and twice on Sunday.
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Re: Citizen's The Citizen

Postby Casimm » February 19th 2018, 12:02am

Nice watch, looks good.
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Re: Citizen's The Citizen

Postby foghorn » February 19th 2018, 5:57am

The caseback inlay isn't a seamonster. Supposedly an eagle, though a strange looking one.

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