Burei Watch

Burei Watch

Postby SynMike » November 2nd 2017, 2:18pm

I'm wearing a new arrival, a "Burei", from Aliexpress. It's a cheapy but the indices and broad hands caught my eye. It's not your typical Aliexpress design. Most Aliexpress watches are either "me too" or "how many things can we add to make it more fancy". But this one at least seems unique. I paid under $25, okay for stainless steel with screw on back. I can't see any plastic in the Miyota movement. They also make an automatic version of this but I didn't feel like the style interested me enough to pay more than double for it. It's about 41mm (at 8 to 2 o'clock, so not inc. crown or guard). But it seems bigger. This might be the blackest watch I own and almost all of my watches are black. Even though the hands and indices aren't white they have extremely high contract against the dial.

The shiny shield at 12 reminds me of the shiny emblem that Orient puts on some of their watches. Is it some attempt to present a european royal image? I like it even if it's pretentious, or maybe I'm amused because it is pretentious.

My light tent is not set up so here are a couple of iPhone snaps, one at my desk and one outside. It's raining like a typical Vancouver November day here. I think that is about the most water I would foist on this $25 watch. I never trust water ratings unless a watch has screw down crown.


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Re: Burei Watch

Postby foghorn » November 2nd 2017, 2:52pm

That's a Burei nice watch. As a matter of fact, for that price, it's Burei,Burei nice.

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Re: Burei Watch

Postby artman » November 2nd 2017, 3:51pm

Nice find Syn. Certainly looks like it costs more than what you paid for it.
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Re: Burei Watch

Postby JAS1125 » November 2nd 2017, 4:05pm

Coincidentally one of these popped up on my Amazon Deal feeds.... Different model than yours which is actually much nicer
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Re: Burei Watch

Postby biglove » November 2nd 2017, 10:51pm

Looks better than the stock photos would lead one to expect.

Interested to see your long term impressions.
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Re: Burei Watch

Postby TemerityB » November 3rd 2017, 8:24am

Mike does it again - the kind of finding more than decent watches for pocket change. Well done.
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Re: Burei Watch

Postby Racer-X » November 3rd 2017, 10:57am

These are fun, Mike. Bought something from Ali express recently and nearly picked up that Sinobi you posted.

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