Konstantin Chaykin interview about the watch industry

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Konstantin Chaykin interview about the watch industry

Postby koimaster » February 12th 2014, 9:22am

What do you think about the WatchMaking industry in general? Do you feel you are competing against bigger groups?

We have quite a big difference from the companies that are represented in the market. Nowadays we are the only company that is representing Russia.

People think that this is our disadvantage but we prefer to say that this is clearly our advantage.

This disadvantage is that we don’t have the opportunity to work with Swiss subcontractors, have access to Swiss watchmakers, masters or equipment made in Swiss, which are cheaper.

But on the other side the advantage is that we chose our own way to do things and we don’t want to change it. We want to produce watches totally assembled in Russia without any Swiss spare parts.

We have several things dedicated to this chosen way. The first thing is our internal policy and mission of the company, which is not just to get the market niche, but also to have a patriotic aspect in this. As we are the only brand from Russia in this sector not only in the haute horlogerie segment but also in the luxury goods and high ends goods.

We would like to show that Russia is also able to present a very unusual, high end, product and show to Russian that we are able to do several things and respect ourselves. We were a great nation, which worked in aerospace with a lot of achievements, and we were able to do high class and respectable things that were respected on the global market

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