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Postby koimaster » February 2nd 2018, 10:25am

WhatsOnHerWrist.com is a watch blog which will focus primarily on women’s watches, men’s watches from a woman’s perspective, women who hold leadership/executive roles within the watch industry, and women who are watch collectors/lovers. The product pieces are meant to be told with as much emphasis on the stories as on the watches themselves,and often, from a humorous point of view.

This blog is written solely by Barbara Palumbo: founder and editor at Adornmentality.com, Watch Editor at The Jewelry Book and The Wedding Book print publications, and freelance writer. Barbara is a twenty-year veteran of the jewelry and watch industries and has written for various trade publications throughout her career.

For inquiries or comment, email whatsonherwrist@gmail.com, or contact via social (@whatsonherwrist).




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