My Best Photo to Date

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My Best Photo to Date

Postby Mortuus Fakeuus » July 4th 2017, 12:03am

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Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: My Best Photo to Date

Postby 3Flushes » July 4th 2017, 1:31am

That's a great shot, Mort.

New camera?
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Re: My Best Photo to Date

Postby biglove » July 4th 2017, 2:21am

Damned nice shot. Love that it includes your flight jacket.
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Re: My Best Photo to Date

Postby artman » July 4th 2017, 2:58am

Nice photo but I beg to differ Mort. I recall several of your other photos with better lighting and more interesting composition than this. Don't get me wrong this pic is awesome but not quite your best work.
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Re: My Best Photo to Date

Postby bobbee » July 4th 2017, 3:42am

Great pic, the watch certainly looks as if you need a license for it.
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