New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

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New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

Postby koimaster » May 10th 2016, 11:28am



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Re: New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

Postby eddiea » May 11th 2016, 5:01pm

koimaster wrote:Documented by our own Diamante ... s=og.likes

What is a Super Geek? doesn't sound good at all.....
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Re: New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

Postby Darksider » June 16th 2016, 8:26am

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Re: New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

Postby TemerityB » June 16th 2016, 9:53am

Good lord. Just trying to read those PDFs; ain't nothing' dumber than a bunch of Geeks in their own natural habitat.

As for the thread topic, well...I'd like to think my sig explains it pretty well, too.
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Re: New Movement Invictas marked Swiss

Postby DocKlock » June 17th 2016, 6:13am

Swiss and Swiss Made mean the exact same thing" ----- Swiss cheese or Swiss made cheese ---- several dollars a pound difference.
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