The Metatechnical Cabinet

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The Metatechnical Cabinet

Postby Darksider » August 18th 2016, 2:26pm

Welcome to the Metatechnical Cabinet! As the name indicates, you can gaze at many different technical devices:

To the left, there's the large watch movement collection and a several further pages about mechanical wristwatches.

In the middle, you can browse the large radio and frequency collection with current and historical bandscans and logs, with pages about several radios and some interesting construction manuals for DXers.

On the right, you can dig into my expanding pocket calculator collection, which provides an extensive insight into the development of a device, which was once expensive and interestringly constructed, but which is more or less worthless today.

In the rest of the cabinet, you can find a few articles about my computers, my programs and some funny findings.

Have fun! ... index.html
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