All You Need To Know: The Best Aviation Watches

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Postby 3Flushes » December 24th 2016, 7:38pm

MKTheVintageBloke wrote:
eddiea wrote:
MKTheVintageBloke wrote:
eddiea wrote:Like what Chase-Durer did with this one ....

From what I can see, they gave it an extraordinarily idiotic logo and sandblasted the case.

Totally understand, C-D tend to get overboard with dials art, the Warhawk Mechanical however is pretty tame by C-D standards, that been said logos (and aesthetics in general) are a matter of personal taste at the end of the day of course .
As far as the case goes, is made of Titanium which I believe tipically looks like has been bead/sand blasted unless it has been brushed or polished.
I personally try not to volunteer watch opinions in any forum other than very general aesthetics takes, unless I actually own, owned, or personally handled the watch in order to avoid making extraordinarily idiotic statements .

The logo does appear idiotic in combination with the general aesthetic of the watch- it's a bit like a watch with the looks of a, dunno, speedometer or rev counter of a 1940s car, and out of nowhere- a silhouette of something thoroughly modern. A Pagani Zonda, for example. I don't like that jet fighter logo on it for that exact reason- although truth be told, IWC went a step further, and did something worse to the second hand on one of the previous "Top Gun" versions of the Big Pilot. There, it was even more crass. As to IWC, they did some more odd stuff, that including "Spitfire" models, which are downsized reinterpretations of the not particularly Spitfire B-Uhr design, so almost anything can be expected of them. I do like the Big Pilot though, it's one of the few "behemoths" that I just can't dislike, despite their size. Returning to the logo, I just think the company didn't do a very good job on it. I remarked the sandblasting, since the contemporary "fliegers" usually have a brushed case, or at least contrast polishing with brushing being the main finishing. I don't mind the sandblasted case, although it quite sharply contrasts with that design, especially in rather dark titianium. I think only Laco makes sandblasted cases on a larger scale. So a case with fairly noticeable sandblasted finishing stands out, but I do not consider it a flaw. The watch looks OK, except for that logo- the fat font and the fighter (F-15 or F-18, not sure, but I think it's an F-15).

Discussion of aesthetics is almost always a matter of opinion... So if we cut out the discussion of aesthetics, we land up without half of watch-related topics. Almost like talking about paintings without saying what we think of how they look- which makes an exchange of opinions largely impossible.

What's also largely impossible is to fully evaluate the aesthetics of a watch from b/w photos. For some reason, everyone photographs this watch in b/w. All of my own pics of the damn watch are in b/w.

I bought the Warhawk however because I liked the way the brown dial looked with the grayge titanium case. The lightness of the watch given it's size makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, and the untreated texture of the metal adds nice contrast to the smooth lacquered dial and the riveted full-grain leather strap and extension designed to the period. The Unitas handcranker rounds out the deal in a brand who has always delivered a lot of watch, and extraordinary CS for the money.

As for the jet, I can see your point as to the conflict in period, however, it is part of C-D's iconic logo, and it appears on every C-D watch. I've always kind of liked it on this watch in particular because in a very subtle way it sets the watch off for what it is, a throwback of modern-day technology to a simpler time.
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Re: All You Need To Know: The Best Aviation Watches

Postby tiktok » December 24th 2016, 8:59pm

I used to have one of these and traded it for Panerai, dumb. Mine had no logo, the calibre 100 is so good.

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