Hemel 24 HM-1 Field Watch

Hemel 24 HM-1 Field Watch

Postby koimaster » October 5th 2016, 9:08am

Hemel Watches entered the scene earlier this year with their Hemel Military (HM) series, a line of four vintage military style models. Now, if you are a micro brand launching your debut product, it's hard to go wrong with a military watch. After all, they are instantly recognized, widely liked, and watch enthusiasts know they can expect a certain degree of style and utility. Of course, the downside is that any new military watch wades into an already crowded market of similar designs and high expectations so that new field watch had best deliver the goods.

Hemel's founder Marvin Menke, clearly accepted that challenge. According to Hemel's promotional materials, the HM series "combine[s] the iconic heritage look of mid-century modern timepieces with the refined style of the modern gentleman." This is a fairly common refrain, but notoriously hard to pull off. In this Bum's opinion, precious few watch designers manage to translate classic designs into modern watches without destroying the very things that made the originals appealing. After wearing the HM-1 24 hour field watch Marvin sent me for review, I am pleased to report that he is one of those designers, and this is one of those watches. The HM series strikes just the right balance between classic and modern design sensibilities.

http://www.thetimebum.com/2016/10/hemel ... watch.html



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