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I am extremely happy to say that I have at last been proved right concerning the black finish on Depollier "Waterproof and Dustproof" watches from the end of WW1.
In several threads across three or four sites (where I was banned because of my arguing, and lobbying by certain members. Yes, mean YOU Stan and Adam!) it had been argued that the original finish was painted black, and not "oxydized" as stated in adverts and military specs from the time.
I had always maintained the the finish was oxidised, and even gave proof with books and booklets/magazines from the 1900's up to the 1920's that showed how it was done.

My vindication comes in the form of a collector who bought a lot of watches and cases from an ex-military watch repair man 25 years ago.
A link to the thread and a quote of part of it. You can also see the pictures of the almost untouched cases and the finish. ... post290988

In the link below I was accused of lying about when I found a certain advert, for which I give proof at the bottom of the post.
I was told by Stan that my challenge about the black cased Depollier was "baseless". ... 410#p55410

My Depollier quest began when my prized watchmaker bought an antique military watch repair kit in its original military box about 25 years ago. The box was purchased from the estate of a watch repairman, who was at one time repairing watches in the US military. Inside the organized box were numerous Depollier Waterproof cases with their patented crowns intact. There were also spare Elgin and Waltham movements, enamel dials, hands, as well as a few watch straps and buckles.
It has taken years to restore all four watches I own. What made my project possible was the help of Stan's exacting research.

As can be seen from the photos of the untouched watches, they are all with their original OXIDISED finish.

Here are links to some of the arguments discussions where I was attacked (and gave as good as I got!) and villified.

In the WUS link there are many different articles and links that prove me right.
WUS: ... st15122170

WTF: ... ost1002121

In the NAWCC link below, a SINGLE watch case was sent to experts for spectro testing, and because it was painted black (something I believe and have said many times was done at a later date) it was believed they were ALL painted! :roll:
NAWCC: ... ts.125115/

A 1921 booklet that proves the military used a "Black Nickel" oxidised finish in WW1 on military hardware: ... =1up;seq=1

And so, a big "Fuck You" to all those who thought I was full of shit.

Here is that advert with the properties, showing the date found was 1 month prior to the first posting of Stan Czubernat, and proving I didn't lie.

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