60 Years of Speedmaster - An Overview

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60 Years of Speedmaster - An Overview

Postby koimaster » February 21st 2017, 10:19am

60 Years of Speedmaster

With 60 watches, not all Speedmasters are covered, but Omega made a selection and it gives a very good overview of how the Speedmaster changed over the years and what ‘side steps’ have been made during the path. Not only you’ll find the Broad Arrow, CK2998, gold Apollo XI 1969 reference, Alaska Project II and the 1985 Moonphase for example, it also includes the Speedsonic with tuning fork movement and the Alaska IV with quartz movement and LCD display.

If you are member of the press, or close to the fire, you probably already have seen the 60th Anniversary Poster with all these models as well as the interview with Ben Clymer and myself about Speedmasters and Speedy Tuesday. If not, this ’60 Years of Speedmaster’ overview that we publish here today is based on that official Omega poster. You will find the poster later on this year hanging in Omega boutiques around the world. We will get back to the interviews in a few weeks time.

From the first reference in 1957 till the new references in 2017, here we go. All images and texts are copyright Omega. We added links to related articles on some of the watches featured here. Some texts have been changed/updated a bit with more background information.

https://www.fratellowatches.com/60-year ... -overview/


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