Omega Railmaster CO-AXIAL

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Omega Railmaster CO-AXIAL

Postby koimaster » November 29th 2016, 12:59pm

The Omega Railmaster is best known for its anti-magnetic features. The timepiece is said to be able to resist 1000 Gauss or 0.1 Tesla. The timepiece had a short production run starting in 1957, and ending in 1963 before its trilogy counterparts. Due to its short production run and limited pieces produced, it is one of the most collectible pieces of the trilogy today.

In 1957 Omega released their Omega Railmaster watch which had specially constructed case, dial, movement and dust cover using materials to shield against magnetic activity. The same year the Speedmaster was realeased. The movement was copper finished and protected by a special double case and iron dust cover making it Omega's first 1000 gauss anti-magnetic watch. One of the key elements for any timepiece to be anti-magnetic is the dial. The Railmaster dials are 1 mm thick, as opposed to the usual .4 mm. The dials also have luminescent markers for improved visibility.

The dials for the series have several marking variations but only come in two colors, black and white. The markings on the upper half of the dials feature the logo and signature of Omega, and some have the word “Automatic” underneath these markings.

The black version of the dial comes in several incarnations. The most common one seen has the markings “Railmaster” written in script on the bottom half of the dial by the 6 o’clock marker. This type of dial has numeric and short triangle markers for every fifteen minutes, long triangle markers for every five minutes, and indices for every minute. ... 508-52-00/


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Re: Omega Railmaster CO-AXIAL

Postby jaw » November 29th 2016, 3:17pm

Used to be really hot for one of these. The XL (smellody's), was too big and felt the next size down was too small. Based on my current preferences the latter should be just right.
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