Omega Constellation History

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Omega Constellation History

Postby Darksider » November 1st 2016, 11:20am

The Omega Constellation watch was once the flagship in the Omega collection. This particular family within their collection dates back to 1952 and according to Omega’s Journey Through Time publication (2007) it was because their limited produced Centenary collection was so high in demand by customers. This 1948 Omega Centenary commemorated the 100th birthday of the Omega company and was their first automatic chronometer watch. It wasn’t made in series production but the demand for them was so high, that Omega decided to create a new family of automatic chronometer watches in 1952: The Constellation.

The first Omega Constellation models had bumper movements and distinctive diamond shaped hour markers. The watches in the photo above also feature the diamond shaped hour markers on their pie-pan shaped dials. The Dauphin hands were used till the late 1960s.

After a few years, around 1955, the Omega caliber 354 bumper movement with chronometer rating was replaced by the caliber 50x series. This movement had a normal rotor and came in several versions (date/no-date). In 1959 this range of movements was succeeded by the caliber 55x (nodate) and 56x (date) movement families. Note that some of these movements were also used in Seamaster models, but only in very rare cases they were chronometer certified. One of the best on-line resources on this topic is the Omega Constellation Collectors blog by Desmond. He also features a nice overview of the different dials and cases that were used in the Constellation collection. ... n-watches/
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