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Guide To Buying A Vintage Omega De Ville

PostPosted: August 31st 2016, 4:44pm
by koimaster
When people first get into mechanical watches, naturally they begin looking for their first true, authentic Swiss watch. Inevitably they are led to vintage Omegas. Partly because of the amount of vintage models that flood the pre-owned market but also because Omega is a name that obviously carries a lot of weight; for good reason. This is an excellent choice because you can find a great watch at a decent price that comes with a special history all its own. Just do a cursory search on eBay and you can find several Omega Constellations, Seamasters, and De Villes for sale at reasonable prices. For our purposes here we will focus on the De Ville. Why? Well, the De Ville is not as popular in the United States but has been very popular in Asia and overseas, leaving a large pre-owned market inventory. ... QWRhbXM%3D

Re: Guide To Buying A Vintage Omega De Ville

PostPosted: August 31st 2016, 5:06pm
by Bahoomba
As someone who's dabbled in vintage Omegas from the 1970s - a DeVille, a quartz Seamaster, and a watch that has a legit Omega hand-wind movement but no model name - I can safely state that in the height of the quartz era, Omega's quality varied wildly. I paid little for the watches I tried, and they're okay - but I'd be careful if doing the eBay thing. I see people asking $1500 for beat to hell old Seamasters and DeVilles that look lime they've been left in the rain, and I think it's a gouge.